Decorating Your Wall Spaces with The Strangers Movie Posters

Slasher movie posters are probably one of the favorites when it comes to collectibles. From vintage slasher films to the more recent horror and thriller films, collectors love to hoard these movie posters. The appeal for slasher movie posters is varying, it tells a visually intriguing story often with sinister and grotesque designs. Despite this, slasher movie posters are in their own right a work of art.

If you’re one of the avid collectors of slasher movie posters, The Strangers poster is worth hoarding. Of the many available posters of the movie up for sale, these two stand out because of its design, creating a strong and compelling emotion.

Both movie posters feature the three masked murderers – Dollface, Man in the Mask, and Pin-Up Girl. The first poster features all three looking at their prey, couple Kristen and James, silently with the headline “because you were home”. The other poster, which equally paints a chilling picture, shows the three masked murderers holding their weapon of choice with the headline “let us prey”.

Now, besides collectibles, these movie posters also make for a great wall art. Although it paints a grotesque image, there is always some type of draw that these slasher posters have. Here are some great ideas on how you can hang up these slasher posters in your home:

Frame it and hang it as centerpiece. Horror/slasher movie posters hold a special kind of appeal as its design focuses more on the protagonist/s of the movie.  In The Stranger movie poster, the grotesque images of the mass murderers present an ominous scenery altogether – a perfect centerpiece that is going to be the topic of conversation. To maintain the quality of the poster, frame it. This also gives the movie poster a sophisticated clean look.

Tip: Pick a frame that goes well with slasher movie posters. Go for simple, bold frame colors that will outline the movie poster. For example, a solid black frame helps emphasize the poster’s design, while maintaining that neat presentation.

Line it up. Line your slasher movie posters in one single file to make an impact. Whether it’s in vertical or horizontal arrangement, smaller movie posters create a more contemporary look. Use three or more panels at best to create a vibrant effect. Make sure to leave some space in between the poster panels. This should depend on your wall space, a wider or longer space can do with a bigger spacing. Measure everything when you line up the posters to ensure that it is even.

Turn it into a gallery. If you’re a collector of movie posters, this is the chance to unroll all those posters and choose the best or your favorites. Together with The Strangers poster, you can create a symmetrical or asymmetrical gallery wall. In the symmetrical gallery, all posters are of equal shape and size. And you have to hang each poster in such a way that it is consistently arranged. Asymmetrical, on the other hand, is the opposite of symmetrical. You can hang posters of different sizes and shapes and have more leeway with creativity and what to put it.

Quality is the crucial element that can make or break the design of a movie poster. The best place to buy posters online is where quality, superior quality is guaranteed! From the quality of the paper used to the graphics resolution of the design, each should be taken into consideration.

Let your personality show in your home. Hang your movie poster collection into wall spaces and let others see the art in slasher posters!