Trivia and Fun Facts

The whole film was shot using handheld cameras and steady cams, which explains the camera movements in all shots.

The entire movie was filmed in chronological order.

To make Liv Tyler’s reactions much more realistic, Director Bryan Bertino would tell Liv where the loud bangs are coming from, only for the bang to come from another direction.

To mimic Liv’s character panic attack, Liv had to exert some physical exercises to get her out of breath.

Only the Man in the Mask doesn’t speak of the three strangers.

“The Faces” was the original title of the film.

A real farmhouse was the actual location of the house’s exterior in the movie – it was perfect with its long winding road, garage, and a forest.

The house in the film was specifically designed to give off that homey atmosphere so the audience can connect more to the movie. The interior was built on a sound stage.

In the opening scene, the houses shown each resemble a specific house from various horror movies such as the Amityville Horror, Halloween, etc.

In the movie, the song Mama Tried can be repeatedly heard all throughout the movie. It is a hit song by Merle Haggard and the Strangers.

The movie’s plot was inspired by Director Bryan Bertino’s personal experience during childhood. A stranger came knocking at their door, asking for somebody they don’t know and then went his way.

Apparently, the ploy was a part of a series of neighborhood theft.

Mark Romanek was originally considered to direct the film.

In an episode of The Late, Late Show, Kurt Russell has expressed that The Strangers scares him.